About Patterson

Steven Patterson received his Ph.D. in philosophy from Wayne State University in Detroit in 2003 and has been teaching critical thinking ever since. Until the college decided to close all of it's undergraduate programs, Patterson was Professor and Chair of the Department of Philosophy and Religious Studies and Chair of the Division of Letters at Marygrove College where he taught courses in critical thinking, ethics, social and political philosophy, and East Asian philosophy. During his time there he won the President's Award for Excellence in Research and conducted multiple workshops on critical thinking pedagogy and assessment. He was thrice awarded Visiting Research Fellowships with the Centre for Research in Reasoning, Argumentation and Rhetoric (CRRAR) at the University of Windsor in Canada. He is a frequent review editor for many journals and conferences. He serves on the editorial advisory board for Studies in Logic, Grammar and Rhetoric, the Windsor Studies in Argumentation monograph series, and has served as book review editor for the journal Cogency. In 2009 he created the blog RAIL: Reasoning Argumentation and Informal Logic, which continues to serve the international community of argumentation scholars. Patterson is also an at-large member of the Board of the Association for Informal Logic and Critical Thinking (AILACT). His current research projects are in the normative dimension of argumentation and interpersonal reasoning and in multi-modal argumentation.

Patterson was interviewed about his work in 2010 by the Marygrove public relations department. You can read the interview here. You can also visit Patterson's professional blog, where you can learn more about his ongoing research and teaching, and read some of his work.

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